Listing Raw Materials Suppliers Contact Information

BASF Corporation 1-800-251-0612 website
BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, is a premiere provider of innovative solutions for paints & coatings. With our robust portfolio of pigments, additives, resins and acrylic polymers -- including our innovative low to zero VOC water-based resins -- we can help you meet the challenge of developing products that meet environmental needs without sacrificing technical benefits.

Bayer MaterialScience 1-412-777-3983 website

Bayer MaterialScience is a global leader in the production of high performance polymers. Innovative materials supplier of polyisocyanates, polyurethane dispersions, and UV curable resins that serve as the building block for many coatings applications. Geographical area of distribution - North America has 13 production sites (Canada, USA and Mexico).

Celanese Emulsion Polymers 1-877-832-7782 website
Celanese Emulsions offers a broad spectrum of water-based chemistries, backed by expert technical service and global product quality standards. Look to EcoVAE for low odor, low VOC interior paints.

DSM NeoResins 1-978-661-7362 website
DSM NeoResins is a global, customer-oriented leader in specialty resins. They provide paint and coating solutions irrespective of technology platforms via hybrids, and tribrid technology expanding the possibilities of alkyd, urethane, polycarbonate and acrylics if used alone.

Wacker Polymers 1-888-922-5374 website
Wacker Polymers specializes in VAE technology with production and technical facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Key products/chemistries for architectural coatings include ethylene containing co- and terpolymers  (VAE, VA/E/VCl, EVCl).

Worlee-Chemie G.m.b.H. website
Worlée - Chemie is a specialist for environmentally friendly paint resins and tailor made resins and additives for a variety of coatings. Coatings made out the waterborne surfactant free alkyd emulsions can be formulated with a very low VOC-level (<50g/l). These resins are available in the USA, Canada and in over 60 countries world wide.

These profiles have been excerpted from information provided by the listing manufacturers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Should you require more information concerning these companies, contact them directly or MPI at 1-888-674-8937. Watch this space for more North American Manufacturers - 2009