Batch Conformance

Excerpt Taken from UFGS – Batch Conformance Testing

1.4.1 Field Samples and Tests
The Contracting Officer may choose up to two coatings that have been delivered to the site to be tested at no cost to the Government. Take samples of each chosen product as specified in the paragraph "Sampling Procedures." Test each chosen product as specified in the paragraph "Testing Procedure." Products which do not conform, must be removed from the job site and replaced with new products that conform to the referenced specification. Testing of replacement products that failed initial testing shall be at no cost to the Government.

NOTE: Only require the testing for large quantities of epoxy/polyurethane coatings or a single coating system that is used in large quantities on the project. A large quantity of epoxy/polyurethane
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coatings is considered to be 189 Liters 50 gallons or more, a large quantity of other coating systems is considered to be 757 Liters 200 gallons or more.
List all coatings for testing by MPI or SSPC paint number in the following paragraph.

[Another required testing is Batch Quality Conformance Testing to prove conformance of the manufacturer's paint to the specified MPI standard. This testing is accomplished before the materials are delivered to the job site. Provide testing for [_____] paint products. Test paint products as specified in the paragraph "Testing Procedure".] Sampling Procedure
The Contracting Officer will select paint at random from the products that have been delivered to the job site for sample testing. The Contractor must provide one liter one quart samples of the selected paint materials.
The samples must be taken in the presence of the Contracting Officer, and labeled, identifying each sample. Provide labels in accordance with the paragraph "Packaging, Labeling, and Storage" of this specification. Testing Procedure
Provide Batch Quality Conformance Testing for specified products, as defined by and performed by MPI. As an alternative to Batch Quality Conformance Testing, the Contractor may provide Qualification Testing for specified products above to the appropriate MPI product specification, using the third-party laboratory approved under the paragraph "Qualification Testing" laboratory for coatings. The qualification testing lab report must include the backup data and summary of the test results. The summary must list all of the reference specification requirements and the result of each test. The summary must clearly indicate whether the tested paint meets each test requirement. Note that Qualification Testing may take 4 to 6 weeks to perform, due to the extent of testing required. Submit name, address, telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address of the independent third party laboratory selected to perform testing of
coating samples for compliance with specification requirements. Submit documentation that laboratory is regularly engaged in testing of paint samples for conformance with specifications, and that employees performing testing are qualified. If the Contractor chooses MPI to perform the Batch Quality Conformance testing, the above submittal information is not required, only a letter is required from the Contractor stating that MPI will perform the testing.

What are the procedures to acquire MPI Batch Conformance Testing?

  1. Samples must be obtained from the actual shipment of product delivered to the jobsite.
  2. Two unopened containers are to be obtained from the shipment by the contracting officer. One is to be forwarded to MPI (KTA-Tator Labs) and the other is to be retained for follow-up by the contracting officer. A letter from the contracting officer stating that the paint was taken from the delivered shipment, the date the sample was taken, the name, code and batch number must be sent directly to Matt Jacobs ( at the MPI Head Office.
    1. Note: Secure the lid of the shipped container with retaining clips or rings.
  3. The fee for MPI testing will be approximately $600.00 depending on the actual MPI category. This may vary slightly.   An actual cost will be supplied to you upon receipt of the application form.
  4. MPI will issue a report confirming the conformance or non-conformance to the applicable MPI standard.
    1. Note: This procedure is only available for products which are currently listed in the MPI Approved Products List.
  5. Shipments must include the attached documents:
    1. Application form
    2. MSDS

Contact MPI ( prior to shipping to acquire a PS# (Product Submittal Number). 

  1. The sample being sent for testing must be labeled with this number.
  2. Shipments must be sent to:

Attn: Julie Glover
KTA-Tator, Inc.
115 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
412.788.1300 ext 205

  1. Contact MPI if further instruction is required:

Attn: Matt Jacobs
2800 Ingeton Ave.
Burnaby, BC V5C 6G7
Phone: 1-888-674-8937

Please click this link to download a product application form.