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Coatings for Aggressive Interiors DEC-21-2017
The Benefits of Joining A Professional Association DEC-14-2017
Coating Tips for Contractors DEC-07-2017
Tips for Painting Ceilings NOV-30-2017
Tips for Inspection NOV-23-2017
Roles and Responsibilities of a Repainting Project NOV-17-2017
Tips for Painting Clay Bricks NOV-09-2017
Tips for Interior Painting in Cold Weather NOV-02-2017
Best Practices for Concrete Floor Surface Prep OCT-26-2017
Tips For A Quality Paint Project OCT-20-2017
Tips For Painting Drywall, Drywall Finish. OCT-13-2017
A General Guide for Painting Exterior Concrete OCT-06-2017
Tips For A Sustainable Paint Project SEP-28-2017
Preparing Wood For Stains/Clear Finishes SEP-21-2017
Tips For Coating Wood SEP-14-2017
A Guide To Coating Plastic SEP-07-2019
Painting Stainless Steel AUG-31-2017
Coating Options For Stucco AUG-24-2017
Approved Products – A Guide To Listing With MPI AUG-17-2017
Surface Preparation Guide - Aluminum AUG-10-2017
Best Practices For Cleaning AUG-03-2017
Caulking Wood Siding and Trims JUL-27-2017
A Guide On Specification JUL-20-2017
Abrasive Blasting Of Architectural Decorative Concrete JUL-13-2017
Tips for Painting Fiberglass JUL-06-2017
Hot Weather Painting Tips JUN-29-2017
Painting Fly Ash Concrete JUN-22-2017
Helping Specifiers Make Informed Decisions JUN-15-2017
Preparing Bare Wood for Painting JUN-08-2017
Tips For Coating Galvanized Metal JUN-01-2017
Tips for Cleaning Interior Walls MAY-25-2017
Education in the Coatings Industry MAY-18-2017
The Importance Of Using Mock-Ups MAY-11-2017
Concrete Floor Surface Preparation Tips MAY-04-2017
Environmental Coatings – Green performance APR-27-2017
Gloss Levels APR-20-2018
Managing Mold and Mildew APR-13-2019
Avoiding Coatings Failure APR-06-2020
Interior Surface Repaint Tips MAR-23-2017
Best Practices for Specifying Paint MAR-16-2017
Tips for Wood Siding - Priming MAR-9-2017
Best Practices for Painting Ceilings FEB-23-2017
Tips For Touch-Up Work FEB-16-2017
Best Practices for Specifying Coatings for New Drywall FEB-2-2017
The Benefits of Inspection JAN-26-2017
Paint Project Roles and Responsibilities DEC-20-2016
Maintenance Repainting for Specifiers DEC-01-2016
Tips For Coating Galvanized Metal NOV-22-2016
ASM for contractors NOV-17-2016
Decision Tree - A Guide For Specifiers NOV-10-2016
Benefits of Joining Professional Associations NOV-03-2016
Best Practices for Concrete Floor Surface Prep OCT-27-2016
Preparing Bare Aluminum OCT-20-2016
Tips For Painting Clay Brick OCT-06-2016
Specifying Coatings for Concrete Floors SEP-29-2016
Coatings For Aggressive Environments SEP-22-2016
Defining Gloss Levels SEP-15-2016
Water Based Alkyd Performance SEP-08-2016
Tips for Painting Plastic AUG-30-2016
Environmental Coatings AUG-25-2016
Tips for_Inspections.shtml >Tips for Inspections AUG-18-2016
Painting Stainless Steel AUG-16-2016
Coating Options for Stucco AUG-12-2016
Tips for Specifying Gloss AUG-04-2016
Best Practices for Painting Trim JUL-28-2016
Tips For a Quality Paint Project JUL-21-2016
Painting Exterior Concrete JUL-21-2016
Avoiding Coatings Failure JUL-14-2016
Best Practices for Painting Copper JUL-07-2016
Specifying Coatings for Drywall JUN-30-2016
Preparing Bare Wood for Painting JUN-23-2016
Deciding which products to use. JUN-21-2016
Preparing Galvanized Metal for Priming JUN-16-2016
Tips for Painting Wood Sidings - Priming JUN-09-2016
Tips for Painting Ceilings JUN-02-2016
Coatings for Interior CMU's MAY-26-2016
Tips for Preparing Plastic for Painting  MAY-19-2016
Caulking Wood Siding and Trims MAY-12-2016
Importance of Using Mock-Ups MAY-05-2016
Tips for Touch-Up Work APR-28-2016
Tips for dealing with hand oils APR-21-2016
Coatings for Agressive Interiors  APR-14-2016
Standards for Painting Drywall APR-07-2016
Tips for Painting Fiberglass MAR-31-2016
Best Practices for Cleaning  MAR-24-2016
Tips For A Sustainable Paint Project MAR-17-2016
Surface Prep Best Practices Aluminum MAR-11-2016
Best Practices for Specifying Paint: Products vs. Systems MAR-03-2016
The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of Preparing Galvanized Metal for Painting OCT-29-2015
Specifying Coatings for Aggressive Interiors OCT-23-2015
Painting Aluminum – Surface Prep 101 OCT-21-2015
Issues with Painting Fly Ash Concrete OCT-16-2015
Best Practices for Painting Ceilings OCT-13-2015
Choosing Coatings for Clay Bricks OCT-06-2015
Painting Stainless Steel? - Surface Prep 101 OCT-02-2015
Hardwood Floors: Recoat or Refinish? SEP-29-2015
A 3-Step Guide for Painting Plastic SEP-25-2015
Best Practices for Specifying Coatings for New Drywall SEP-23-2015
3 Best Practices for Painting Fiberglass SEP-18-2015
Specifying Interior Coating Systems for CMUs SEP-16-2015
Preparing Wood for Stain/Clear Finishes SEP-11-2015
Tips for Interior Painting in Cold Weather SEP-08-2015
4 Tips for a Flawless Finish when Painting New Drywall SEP-04-2015
The Environmental Benefits of Specifying Light Colors SEP-01-2015
A General Guide for Painting Exterior Concrete AUG-28-2015
Velvet + Silk + Pearl + Eggshell = Trouble Defining Gloss Levels AUG-26-2015
Considerations for Coating Concrete Floors AUG-21-2015
Bare Wood - Surface Prep 101 AUG-14-2015
Paint, Stain or Clear? A Review of Exterior Wood Coatings AUG-17-2015
A General Guide for Effective Touch-up Work AUG-12-2015
Painting Concrete Floors - Surface Prep 101 AUG-06-2015
A Systematic Approach to Avoiding Coatings Failure AUG-04-2015
Tips for Coating Galvanized Metal JUL-30-2015