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In response to many requests from architects and specifiers throughout the United States, MPI acquired the 2007 report from "Consumer Reports" on paint.

MPI then sent out "mystery shoppers" in Washington State to purchase the top five products listed as by Consumer Reports as "CR Quick Recommendations" and "Best for high-traffic areas". The products obtained, and tested, were those identified by Consumer Reports. read more...>>
MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual and MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual. This is "the electronic paint specification problem-solver"! Go to and click DEMO to see how fast and easy and how easy it is!

Approved Products List updated

Green Coatings Truths and Myth

US. Dept. of Defense and Canadian Government National Master Specification among the users of MPI Product Specifications and MPI Paint Systems (FEDERAL STANDARDS & MPI). Click here for details Quality PAINT Manufacturers
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AWCI link - Get information on MOLD - Cause, Effect & Response 3 Important Publications. Click here for details
Check out our new Technical Information section! Our first article comes from Q-Panel Lab Products regarding cyclic corrosion testing.