Technical News

Accelerated methods of exposure testing are employed by many organizations as an alternative to atmospheric testing, to provide information on product durability in a timely manner. These accelerated techniques rely on devices designed to provide a reproducible set of exposure conditions, which produce a similar failure profile to that obtained under expected service conditions, but on an accelerated schedule.

MPI employs devices from manufacturers such as Q-Lab to provide accurate, and reproducible information when evaluating commercial products for inclusion in our Approved Products List. In order that manufacturers and users of the MPI Program can better understand these accelerated processes, we present a collection of technical articles explaining the history and development of these procedures.

The MPI lab curently uses testing equipment from Byk-Gardner , Paul N. Gardner and Q-Lab as well as other reputable manufacturers.

"Q-Lab products can be found in thousands of laboratories on every continent of the globe"

Q-Lab designed and manufactures the QUV accelerated weathering tester and the Q-SUN xenon arc test chamber.

Photo shows both QUV and Q-SUN testers at the Q-Lab testing facility in Florida.

To link to an article developed by Q-Lab Lab Products that explains Cyclic Corrosion Testing (CCT) please click on the words below:
Introduction to Cyclic Corrosion Testing - Technical Bulletin LF-8144