Professional Associations

This segment of the PaintInfo web site is a collection of not-for-profit associations and related companies who are active in the painting and coating industry, primarily throughout North America, (although some are active all over the world).
If you experience a failure, a dispute, or require the analysis of a coating related occurance, the following organizations should be able to help.

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The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architecture profession, dedicated to:
  • Serving its members
  • Advancing their value
  • Improving the quality of the built environment
The Architectural Institute of British Columbia is a self-governing body dedicated to excellence in the profession of architecture for the benefit of its membership, the environment and society.
Alberta A trade association representing contractors involved in painting, decorating and wallcovering application in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors in the province of Alberta.
Canadian Recreation Facilities Council
A non-profit organization dedicated to assist provincial and territorial delivery systems in the development and management of recreation facility services through networking and advocacy.
Construction Specifications Canada - Devis de Construction Canada
CSC is a multi-disciplinary, non-profit association dedicated to the improvement of communication, contract documentation, and technical information in the construction industry.
Construction Specifications Canada - Vancouver Chapter
A national, multi-disciplinary, association dedicated to the improvement of communication and technical information in the design and construction industry.
Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology Comprised of 26 Constituent Societies (22 in the U.S., two in Canada, and one each in Mexico and the United Kingdom), the international membership of FSCT also includes affiliated members from over 45 countries. Totaling over 6000 individuals, these members represent the many diverse segments involved in coatings — from formulation and testing to manufacture and sales. FSCT members work for industrial and service organizations, in paint manufacturing plants, as raw materials suppliers for coatings, printing inks and sealants, as distributors and independent agents, as equipment and container manufacturers, in government agencies and laboratories all over the world.
Finishing Contractors Association - FCA strives to improve organized finishing contractor competitiveness by engaging in proactive partnerships, projects and relationships with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades at the national level that seek to:
  • expand work opportunities
  • improve contractor competitiveness
  • ensure the availability of a superiorly trained workforce
  • improve the image and awareness of the organized segment of the industry and by encouraging the development of similar relationships and partnerships at local levels.
We seek to accomplish our mission, though, within the context and parameters of those values in which we have a deep belief.
KCL – Korea Conformity Laboratories (Formerly KICM)
Seoul-based KCL is the designated agency for testing, inspection, and standards for 41 Korean and international organizations, including the Korean Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs; the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, the Ministry of the Environment, etc. Founded in 1994, KICM performs construction materials testing and research to assure the safety of architectural structures, employing leading-edge technology as well as a team of highly qualified personnel who work to the most exacting standards available. KCL’s outstanding practices have earned them international certification as a leading materials-testing organization.

The Interior Designers Institute of BC
Serves to advance the profession of Interior Design through accreditation, education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, legal recognition, and public outreach. Our mandate is to serve the interests of both the interior design industry and the general public through the development of a recognized, respected professional association.


Master Painters and Decorators Association
A not-for-profit association of painting contractors and paint/coatings manufacturers -- providing technical advice, specification manuals, and technical activities.


NACE equips society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, was established in 1943 by eleven corrosion engineers from the pipeline industry as the “National Association of Corrosion Engineers

The Manitoba Professional Painting Contractors Association (MPPCA)
MPPCA is an assemblage of reputable, well established, quality Painting Contractors, Paint & Wallcovering Suppliers (and Manufactures), and related Paint Industry Businesses.

The MPPCA exists to elevate and promote professionalism and quality in our industry.

AmericanCoatings Association (formerly National Paint & Coatings Association) is a voluntary, nonprofit trade association -- established more than a century ago -- and the preeminent organization in the United States representing some 350 paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and distributors. The AmericanCoating Association ’s primary role is to serve as ally and advocate on legislative, regulatory and judicial issues at the federal, state and local levels.


The Ontario Painting Contractors Association (OPCA), a not-for-profit trade association designated as the Employer Bargaining Agency for the finest Industrial-Commercial-Institutional (ICI) painting and coating contractors in Ontario, has been proudly serving its members since 1976. The Association exists to foster, develop and maintain unity and stability among its members by:

  • Acting as the Employer Bargaining Agency
  • Providing services and educational opportunities
  • Acting as a liaison between industry groups
  • Upholding and improving the standards of the industry
  • Promoting the use of modern specifications by architects and any group concerned with specification writing
  • Keeping its members informed on industry matters
  • Advancing an attitude of ethical responsibility and pride
Polyurea Development Association (PDA) The purposes of this corporation are to promote the exchange of ideas for the development of the highest conditions and advancing the best interests of the polyurea industry; to create lasting good will between the members and those who manufacture, specify, apply and purchase polyurea materials and services; to support and promote equal opportunity for all people within the industry, regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin; and for any lawful purpose whatever.
Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)
Founded in 1884, the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is a national trade association dedicated to the success of painting and decorating contractors through ethics, education and excellence. PDCA is recognized and supported by many industry manufacturers and suppliers as the premier organization committed to helping professional painting and decorating contractors improve their business.
PDCA – Washington State Council
Providing Training, Education, and Networking Opportunities to Painting Contractors in Washington State since 1941.
The Paint and Decorating Retailers Association - Founded in 1947, supports the independent paint and decorating products dealer and builds supportive relationships between dealers and suppliers. PDRA provides members with the tools they need to succeed and prosper - information, sales training and business operations programs. Join today and enjoy member benefits immediately. If you're already a member, review the member services list to make sure you are taking advantage of all member programs as well as the educational programs.
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, established in 1907, is a voluntary national association representing more than 3,000 architects, and Faculty and graduates of accredited Canadian Schools of Architecture, from every region of the country. RAIC is the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. It provides the national framework for the development and recognition of architectural excellence.

The Paint Research Association (PRA) was founded in 1926 as an independent association of member companies to support innovation and growth in the surface coatings sector. PRA is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee and has no shareholders. It was founded by the industry, for the industry and is sustained by involvement in the membership, as well as the continued use of its services.

The Society for Protective Coatings
The purpose of SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings (hereinafter referred to as SSPC) is to advance technology and promote the use of protective coatings to preserve industrial, marine and commercial structures, components and susbstrates.