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The practical and technical aspects of today's paints and coatings and their professional applications.
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MPI Green Performance Standard

This standard addresses environmental friendliness with performance in the context of differing geographical environmental regulatory trends.

MPI Extreme Green

MPI (Master Painters Institute®)
announces the toughest environmental paint standard in the world.

The Paint Research Association (PRA) and the Master Painters Institute (MPI) have teamed up to establish a performance-based "qualified products list' for architectural paints and coatings in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
MPI, the Institute that establishes architectural paint standards and quality assurance programs in North America, will partner with the Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) to test paints and coatings to MPI standards...
Search for products that will meet MPI's GPS-1-08 and GPS-2-08 (performance requirements, maximum allowable VOC and a banned chemical list)
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ManualsGet it right now. The MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual and Architectural Painting Specification Manual are now available for both printed version and electronic version.

Brought to you by the Master Painters Institute, this website includes information for professional coating specifiers, architects, designers, property managers, painters and applicators as well as tips and suggestionsfor the general public.

Featured are Caution Notes for the industry, explanations of what can go wrong and the importance of standards. We've also included links to painting associations and other related websites.
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