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Master Specification Systems
MASTERSPEC® has been the most widely used master specification system for design professionals and members of the construction and building industries. MASTERSPEC® is a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA).
AWCI provides valuable technical and product information, education and training, industry contacts and fraternity essential to operating a successful business, and is the principal organization advocating the interests of contractors, suppliers and manufacturers in the wall and ceiling industries.
Berkely Analytical Berkeley Analytical
Leading manufacturers depend on Berkeley Analytical (BkA) for rigorous and independent testing of organic chemical emissions and content for building products, flooring, finishes, textiles, furniture, and toys.
Byk-Gardner Byk-Gardner
Experts in paint analysis, Byk-Gardner will supply you with the equipment you need to meet your testing requirements.
Coatings Consultants Coatings Consultants Inc.
Specializing in testing, estimating and consulting they offer their services as expert witnesses and instructors of blueprint reading and estimating.
Defelsko Defelsko Corporation
Manufacturers a complete line of hand-held coating thickness gages. Using sophisticated technology, Defelsko makes measuring simple and accurate.
FSCT Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology
FSCT is an individual member organization of over 7,200 international professionals in the coatings manufacturing industry.
Finishing Contractors Association
The Finishing Contractors Association (FCA) was formed as a national construction trade association headquartered in Washington, DC., in January, 1997 to represent the union finishing contractors who work in painting/coatings, drywall finishing, glass/glazing, flooring, signs/displays, and related finishing industries.
KTA-T KTA-Tator Inc.
An independent provider of comprehensive coatings, corrosion-related products, and services.
AmericanCoatings Association (formerly National Paint & Coatings Association)
Supporting the paint and coatings industry, the American Coating Association is a voluntary non-profit association representing over 400 paint and coatings professionals.
Paint Quality Institute Paint Quality Institute
The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute is dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of using top quality paints and coatings.
Paul N. Gardner Paul N. Gardner Company
You can count on the Paul N. Gardner Co. for all your coating testing equipment requirements.
Paint Research Paint Research Association (U.K.)
The largest independent coatings center of its' kind, PRA is based on a worldwide membership, trans-national activities, and a global network of contacts.
Painters Chatroom Association (PCR Association) provides a forum that allows the professional to exchange ideas, ask questions of others and to express themselves on the subjects that can help them build their businesses. Also provides professional painters easy access to a multitude of resources to help them grow their business.

Q-Panel Lab Products
Q-Panel products & services are widely used in the coatings, plastics, automotive, inks, roofing sealants, textiles, pharmaceuticals & packaging industries. In the coatings industry - they are renowned for their line of laboratory grade and standard metal test surfaces. They designed and manufacture QUV Accelerated Weathering and Q-SUN Xenon Test chambers. They also produce Q-Fog Salt Spray & Corrosion Chambers and Gravelometer Chip Testers.

SSPC The Society for Protective Coatings
The purpose of SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings (hereinafter referred to as SSPC) is to advance technology and promote the use of protective coatings to preserve industrial, marine and commercial structures, components and susbstrates.
Canada Council - PDCA
This Council is made up of 3 Chapters: Mainland British Columbia Chapter, Vancouver Island Chapter, Golden Horseshoe Chapter. It is our goal to provide professional education & information to our members in order to enhance the profitability of their businesses.
Stone Tucker Instruments
Stone Tucker Instruments Inc. was formed in September 2004 with the goal of providing the Coatings Industry in Canada with quality products at competitive prices with excellent service
Paintstore The Virtual Paintstore
Online news source for painting and decorating contractors. Questions and answers, products and service details, and more.