How to use the Approved Products List

This MPI Approved Products List is to be used in conjunction with Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual and of the MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual.

MPI Approved Products are referred to by MPI # in EXTERIOR SYSTEMS (section 2 of chapter 2 - green tab) and in INTERIOR SYSTEMS (section 2 of chapter 3 - orange tab), and form part of those INTERIOR/EXTERIOR systems.

Products, listed in the MPI Approved Products List, are approved for their use under specific MPI Systems in the MPI Quality Assurance Program. They are not approved for use on all substrates or under all conditions.

The MPI Approved Products List is shown here solely for the guidance of the user of these manuals. MPI does not claim that products on this list have any greater validity than commercial products not contained in this list.

It must be understood that the MPI Quality Assurance Program used in the MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual and the MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual do not claim to include all products or all manufacturers. For example, products and/or systems, which are considered ‘too new’, to have sufficient field application length of experience, are not included. Further, products and/or systems so specific as to be available from only one manufacturer are not normally considered for inclusion. We are aware of excellent products and systems, which for various reasons, are not listed in this manual.

The standards are conservative so that qualified trades personnel with varying degrees of training can benefit from the information contained herein. In all cases, local technical advice should be sought, as MPI accepts no liability for the appropriateness of the content. MPI disclaims any and all liability and responsibility attendant to its use or misuse.

The information contained in this MPI Approved Product List is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of printing. MPI reserves the right to modify data without notice. The user should check the date of printing and, if more than 6 months have elapsed, then the data should only be used after checking with MPI to establish whether the data is still valid. Since conditions of application and service are beyond our control, no liability can be accepted on the basis of this data.