Guide Specifications


The Master Painters Institute has prepared four different guide specifications to meet your specific needs.

  The files ending in ".doc" are in Word for Windows format.

  The files ending in ".pdf" are in Adobe Acrobat format.

(Left-click to view or right-click to download.)

The first one, called "FULL-SPEC", is a complete and unabridged 09900 section.

"fullspec.doc" is 194K in size.
"fullspec.pdf" is 84K in size.

The second is called "SHORT-SPEC", is condensed.

"shrtspec.doc" is only 92K in size.
"shrtspec.pdf" is only 176K in size.

The third and fourth were prepared specifically for repainting project specifications. One is for exterior repaint projects and one is for interior repaint projects.

int_repaint.doc is only 152K in size.
int_repaint.pdf is only 204K in size.

ext_repaint.doc is only 128K in size.
ext_repaint.pdf is only 192K in size.

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