The following directions and explanations are provided to enable you to list your products with MPI in an efficient and effective manner.

A link to the MPI Standards (at the MPI Store), MPI Testing Costs and the required forms will be provided at the bottom of this page. It is suggested that the prospective listing manufacturer purchase the applicable standard(s) prior to sending products in for testing.

General Notes:

MPI has three different types of categories in which manufacturers can list their products;

  1. 'Intended Use' categories. No laboratory testing is performed. Information on the manufacturer's technical data sheet is compared to MPI category description. Upon approval, the product is listed. Literature review cost: US$ 157.59. Original manufacturers and distributors are allowed to list. Documents needed are technical data sheet, material safety data sheet, label, and a completed online application form. No liquid sample is required.

  2. 'Evaluated Use' and 'Detailed Performance' categories. Laboratory approval is required before listing. A one (1) gallon of liquid sample is required for testing and the cans must have the lids secured by the use of can clips. A PS (product submittal) number must be on each and every sample sent to the lab or it will not be tested. The PS# is provided at the completion of the online application.
    1. A product may be submitted for each MPI category. (Please note that only the original manufacturer may apply for listing of their product under a detailed performance category.)

    2. The required technical data sheets, material safety data sheets and product label must be uploaded when completing the online application form.

    3. All applications must come through our online application system. Please contact Terrance Mayes, Technical Specialist at MPI 1 740 438 6608 to receive access to the online system. Applications must be completed by an authorized company technical officer for each category in which a product is being submitted.
    4. MPI Definition of Terms:
        Listing Mfr.: Manufacturer or Sub-manufacturer
        Label: Product line (if applicable)
        Product Name: Name, as it appears on the label
        Code: Product number, as it appears on the label

    5. For a brief description of the product characteristics of the individual MPI categories and a listing of products which have been approved, refer to the MPI Approved Product List.

    6. A testing and listing agreement must be completed and sent to MPI prior to the testing and listing of any products.

  3. Paint suppliers who already have products approved in an MPI paint category can be listed in the corresponding X-Green category by meeting:
    1. MPI’s GPS 1 requirements (no carcinogenic ingredients)
    2. MPI’s GPS-2 requirement, which requires a maximum 50 g/l VOC,
    3. Submit a third-party test result verifying they meet CHPS emission requirements.
    Once the manufacturer has met these requirements, they can simply complete an online application. Cost: $157.59


Costs associated with listing:

  1. An annual listing fee - 2020 fee is $1765.74. This fee allows the manufacturer to list one product in each and every MPI category if they so wish (subject to testing charges for each category). If you choose to list more than one product in a single category an additional listing fee of $1590.86 will be charged (i.e. two products in MPI # 10). For each extra product in a single category an additional listing fee will be applied. This fee is only charged once a year; upon initial listing and at the beginning of the year (January), each year thereafter.
  2. Testing costs for detailed and evaluated performance categories (see price list below) or document review fees for intended use and X-Green categories $157.59
  3. The Manufacturer will be liable for all costs associated with shipping the product(s) to the lab, including any customs related fees.


Intended Use Products:

  1. Please contact Terrance Mayes, Technical Specialist at MPI 1 740 438 6608, he will give you access to the online application process.
  2. The product's technical data sheet, material safety data and product label sheet will have to be submitted with the online application.

Detailed Performance:

  1. Please contact Terrance Mayes, Technical Specialist at MPI 1 740 438 6608, he will give you access to the online application process.
  2. Attach the product's technical data sheet, material safety data sheet and product label to the MPI online form.
  3. Submit a one (1) gallon sample(s) of the product for MPI testing. Samples of untinted white are required. Notes: All shipments of paint samples must have the lids secured by the use of can clips or ring and sent to KTA-Tator.

Once the listing fee is paid and the testing and listing agreement is signed, the product is listed. Approvals are valid for approximately two years (according to the MPI Confirmation Test Schedule, not the anniversary of the product testing date). At the conclusion of the approval period, a Confirmation Report is sent to the manufacturer requesting a sample of the product listed, for confirmation testing, and indicating that listing will be deleted if a sample is not received. The manufacturer must complete an online confirmation testing application form, and upload the current TDS, MSDS and a label and ship the liquid sample(s) to the MPI test lab. Confirmation testing fees are 45% of initial testing fees. If the product fails confirmation testing, the manufacturer is given 30 days to provide an explanation and a strategy to comply with the applicable MPI standard. If the manufacturer does not respond or non-conformance continues after submitting a second sample, the product is deleted from the MPI Approved Products List.

Contact person:
One individual will receive all the correspondence from MPI and will be responsible for distributing the information to all involved parties within the applicant's organization. Please complete the contact sheet and send it along with your listing application form(s). We need your name, position or title, address, phone, fax and email. New listing manufacturers are also asked to complete a manufacturer survey. This survey enables us to develop a company profile for you in the MPI Approved Products List.

Questions & Concerns:
Please address all questions and correspondence to Bob Welch (Technical Director) or Terrance Mayes, Technical Specialist at MPI 1 740 438 6608

Send all paint samples to:

MPI (Master Painters Institute)
c/o KTA-Tator
Attn: Julie Glover
115 Technology Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Phone: 412-788-1300 ext 205

Forms & links provided on the website:

    1. Listing Procedures:
    2. Manufacturer Survey:
    3. Contact person:
    4. Testing Cost Price List (Rev 2020):
    5. Testing and Listing Agreement
    6. MPI Performance Standards (MPI Store)

Check off list for sending a product for approval:

  • Completed Testing & Listing Agreement
  • Appropriate application form(s) completed online
  • Manufacturer survey completed (one only copy is needed initially)
  • Contact Sheet completed (one only copy is needed initially)
  • PS# is on the paint sample - you will receive the PS number at the completion of the online application process.
  • A one (1) gallon of un-tinted white paint is ready for shipment with can clips attached, sent to KTA-Tator