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Architectural Painting Specification Manual

"A wealth of information about paint and covering applications, the manual is being enthusiastically reviewed by government, design disciplines, contractors, manufacturers ... and could well become the accepted standard."
- The Journal of Commerce

"It's not just an Architectural Painting Specification Manual. It's also a reference guide and an ideal educational tool!"
- The Institute of Professional Management

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The manual is intended to be used step-by-step by substrate, or as a reference guide to promote quality assurance in products and workmanship, where specified painting systems in new construction are used; it contains information necessary to:
  • Evaluate paint products.
  • Evaluate and select painting system.
  • A painting specification.
  • Select the surface preparation necessary.
  • Paint Quality Assurance Program information.
  • Description of a third party two year guarantee for many architectural painting projects.

Manual Contents:
  • Introduction – with contents, credit a how to use guide and other relevant information.
  • Exterior – Systems, Evaluation, Surface Preparation
    • Evaluate and select painting system.
    • Exterior – Systems Evaluation
    • Exterior – 198 water and solvent based systems.
    • Exterior – Surface Preparation
  • Interior – Systems, Evaluation, Surface Preparation
    • Evaluate and select painting system.
    • Interior – Systems Evaluation
    • Interior – 316 water and solvent based systems.
    • Interior – Surface Preparation
  • Guide Specifications – Painting, Wall-Covering, Abrasive Blasting
  • Products – Descriptions, Listings
  • Miscellaneous – Responsibilities, Standards, Quality Assurance
    • Responsibilities
    • Standards
    • Quality Assurance
Additional information included:
  • MPI Approved Products List
    With over 230 MPI # Exterior and Interior categories; and the approved products that meet or exceed the specific standard definition. It contains national as well as regional manufacturers, It also Includes US, Canada and International editions, as well as Regulatory designations, LEED designations, MPI VOC ranges (E3-E0) and Green performance rating (GP1 or GP2). Now also includes the X-Green (Extreme Green) Categories and products.
  • MPI Gloss Standard (Visual Standard)- MPI Gloss and Sheen levels (and drywall finishing levels required). Listing and displaying samples of Gloss level 1-7, against two NCS (Natural color system standards) Note: the gloss levels register replaces the previous gloss names register.