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CoverArchitectural Painting Specification Manual

"A wealth of information about paint and covering applications, the manual is being enthusiastically reviewed by government, design disciplines, contractors, manufacturers ... and could well become the accepted standard."
- The Journal of Commerce

"It's not just an Architectural Painting Specification Manual. It's also a reference guide and an ideal educational tool!"
- The Institute of Professional Management

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The manual contains:
  • 60 - 78 pages respectively, evaluating choices of system options on various exterior / interior surfaces. Includes pros and cons, and information on normal usage.
  • Descriptions of systems for 23 exterior surfaces and 25 interior surfaces for differing qualities. For example, EXT 3. 1 C is a High Performance Acrylic system on concrete walls. Can be either 2 coats or 3 coats of product MPI #110. Each of the first coats should be 'reduced'.
  • 30 pages (over 20,000 words) describing appropriate surface preparation for the various surfaces.
  • Misc. information on dew points, wood types, paint spread rates, and concrete block standards.
  • The MPI Approved Product List includes: 88 pages of MPI approved product listings form 60 different manufacturers.
  • The APL (Approved Product List) also contains the MPI Gloss Standards, level 1 through 7.
  • Criteria for MPI Product Listing - MPI 'Detailed Performance', MPI 'Evaluated Performance' and 'Intended Use' standards.
  • Full description and other information regarding the MPI new Environmental Notation System, VOC ratings and LEED Designation.
  • An optional Quality Assurance Program (including independent inspection & third party guarantee).
  • An assignment of responsibilities for appropriate contractors related to the paint application.
  • Recommended practices and a guide specification for abrasive blasting of decorative concrete.
  • Types and history of Wall Coverings. Includes cleaning information, and a guide specification.
  • A'short'guide specification using the manual as the'reference'.
  • A full guide specification for use of architects and/or professional specification writers. Includes cautions, reference information, and other referral knowledge helpful to a design authority.
The manual was written by industry experts guided by an Advisory Board from across North America, and has evolved from the first such manual published in 1967.

The initial manual was researched and prepared with volunteers drawn from a contractor's association (M.P.D.A.), a paint manufacturer's association (C.P.M.A), and a society for paint technology (P.N/W.S.P.T.).

The U.S. and Canadian copyrights both of this manual and the companion manual (Maintenance Repainting Manual) are owned by Master Painters & Decorators Association -- a not-for-profit industry association.

The manual is in daily use by architects, engineers, interior designers, specification writers, government agencies, property managers, paint contractors, coating inspectors, paint manufacturers and suppliers.

Manual purchasers, who have registered with us (sent in their registration card), receive no-cost updates and revisions for a period of one year from date of purchase.