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"The most precise guide to painting terminology in North America!"
- General Paint

"An excellent reference tool for Painters, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Consultants, students or anyone working in a coatings-related field."
- KTA Tator (North Amerca's foremost authority on coating failures and analysis)

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See some sample entries for the letters M, P, D and A.

Also said about this Glossary of Painting and Decorating Terminology:
  • "Definitions and descriptions for over 2000 different terms relating to the painting trade."
  • "96 information-packed pages."
  • "Listed alphabetically for quick reference."
  • "Paint coating properties and terminology defined."
  • "Paint conditions and preparation steps explained."
  • "Painting techniques and decorative terms outlined."
  • "No Professional Painter should be without the Master Painters Glossary!"
  • "An essential handbook for both the professional painter and an excellent learning guide for new painters!"
  • "Covers terms in such categories as common paint chemicals, coating application, substrates and types of defects."
  • "Compiled and edited by the staff of the Master Painters Institute, the innovators of the Architectural Painting Specification Manual & Maintenance and Repainting Manual."