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Online Painter's Glossary
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PACKAGE STABILITY The ability of a paint or varnish to retain its original physical condition and not show excessive settling, viscosity loss, formation of grit or lose its drying properties after prolonged storage.
PAINT A mixture or dispersion of opaque pigments or powders in a liquid or vehicle. Now used in the general sense, which includes all organic and inorganic coatings such as enamels, varnishes, emulsions, bituminous coatings, etc. See also Emulsion, Latex, Oil, Water Paint .
PAINT CONTRACTOR An individual or firm whose primary business is providing surface preparation and coating application service.
PAINT DEFECT / FAILURE An inconsistency in appearance or a breach of the film’s integrity that diminishes the film’s function of protection and/or appearance. These defects/failures can be divided into at least three categories:
1) “Normal wear and tear” brought about by normal environmental and/or contact conditions over the duty cycle of the paint or coating system.
2) Appearance. Visual, cosmetic or aesthetic defects often brought about by improper application of previous systems or products.
3) Physical. These are coating integrity failures where the coating has ceased to provide protection to the substrate, thereby allowing it to suffer damage.
See MPI’s Identifiers.
PAINT FAILURE The loss of usefulness of the paint coating. The point at which the decorative and/or protective qualities of a coating have ended.
PAINT GAUGE Different instruments used for measuring the thickness of paint film in either wet or dry states. See Wet Film Thickness Gauge and Dry Film Thickness Gauge.
PAINT HEATER Device for lowering viscosity of paint by heating.
PAINT INDUSTRY COUNCIL An informal coordinating group formed by MPI, NPCA, PDCA, PDRA, AND SSPC.
PAINT PROGRAM A comprehensive paint plan including regular maintenance and inspection.
PAINT QUALITY ASSURANCE A program whereby intermittent site inspection by specially trained professionals is designed to provide additional assurance to the facility owner that proper specifications, preparation, application and products are being applied to industry quality standards. See also Quality Assurance.
PAINT REMOVER A product designed to soften or lift old paint and varnish films and facilitate their easy removal by use of scrapers, brush, steel wool or rinsing. Common removers contain a solvent such as methylene chloride, wax, surfactants, etc. Newer removers are non-chloride and use a combination of surfactants and in some cases low volatility solvents. Also known as strippers.
PAINT SCHEDULE See Room Finish Schedule.
PAINT STROKE A single movement of a paintbrush.
PAINT SYSTEM A succession of selected coats of materials applied in a prescribed order to protect a surface and provide a decorative finish. See also INT, EXT, RIN, REX.
PAINT THINNER See Mineral Spirits.
PAINTBRUSH A tool manufactured with natural or synthetic bristles designed to hold and apply paint. Natural bristle brushes apply more smoothly. Synthetic bristle brushes works best with latex and water-based paints because the filaments do not absorb water as easily. See also Brush.
PAINTING The series of operations that includes surface preparation, pretreatment, and application of paints to surfaces, whether in the shop or in the field. Includes the labor, material and equipment; the drying and protection of the painted surfaces and the protection of property and traffic.
PAINTING & DECORATING CONTRACTOR An individual or firm whose primary business is providing surface preparation, and wallcovering and coating application service.
PAINTING DEFICIENCIES Painting work that does not comply with either the contract or specification requirements or the definition of a Properly Painted Surface.
See Properly Painted Surface. See also Deficiencies and Defective Work.
PAINTING SYSTEM The procedures required to apply a coating. This generally includes the preparation, types of coatings, number of coats, film thickness and application methods.
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