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Maintenance Repainting Manual

"It will fill an enormous gap in standards for the paint industry ... The manual will enable building owners and painting contractors to arrive at consensus about levels of damage, adequate repairs and solutions. It has the potential to eliminate a lot of friction between owners and contractors."
- The Journal of Commerce

"It's also a reference guide and an ideal educational tool!"
- The Institute of Professional Management


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Web Version – Annual Subscription - MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual

The RSM Annual Subscription Web Version gives you password restricted online access for a period of one year to the following: 

The manual is intended to be used step-by-step by substrate, or as a reference guide to promote quality assurance in products and workmanship, where specified painting systems in maintenance instructions are used; it contains information necessary to:
    • Evaluate paint products.
    • Evaluate and select painting system.
    • A painting specification.
    • Select the surface preparation necessary.
    • Paint Quality Assurance Program information.
    • Description of a third party two year guarantee for many maintenance painting projects.

The manual is in daily use by architects, engineers, interior designers, specification writers, government agencies, property managers, paint contractors, coating inspectors, paint manufacturers and suppliers.

Manual purchasers, who have registered with us (sent in their registration card), receive no-cost updates and revisions for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Additional Information

Online Manual Contents:
  • Introduction - contents, credits, a how to use guide, Identifiers, Int/Ext repainting Assessment.
  • Identification - assistance in identifying defects and failures that may affect current substrate.
  • Exterior Assessment - to assess the (DSD) Degree of Surface Degradation for Exterior surfaces. 
  • Interior Assessment - to assess the (DSD) Degree of Surface Degradation for Interior surfaces. 
  • Exterior - Systems, Evaluation, Surface Preparation
    • Exterior - Systems Evaluation
    • Exterior - 175 water and  solvent based systems
    • Exterior - Surface Preparation
  • Interior - Systems, Evaluation, Surface Preparation
    • Interior- Systems Evaluation
    • Interior - 258 water and solvent based systems
    • Interior - Surface Preparation
  • Guide Specifications - Painting, Wall-Covering, Abrasive Blasting
  • Products - Descriptions, Listings
  • Miscellaneous - Responsibilities, Standards, Quality Assurance
    • Responsibilities
    • Standards
    • Quality Assurance

Additional information included:

MPI Approved Products List
230 MPI # Exterior and Interior categories; and the approved products, within those categories, that meet or exceed the specific standard definition. It contains national as well as regional manufacturers, It also Includes US, Canada and International editions, as well as Regulatory designations, LEED designations, MPI VOC ranges (E3-E0) and Green performance rating (GP1 or GP2). Now also includes the X-Green (Extreme Green) Categories and products.

MPI Identifiers - Defects and Failures
Includes 125 color pictures and defines 81 different defects and failures commonly found with architectural/commercial paints and coatings. It’s an excellent tool for assessing the surface prior to a repaint project to determine surface preparation and priming requirements, or to review the quality of a new paint job.

Benefits of the online MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual:

  • Online access from anywhere, most up to date version, very simple to find all the information you require without having to switch between booklets and ability to copy and paste information for future reference.
  • Access to the online MPI Identifiers - Defects & Failures
  • The paint systems are in descending order of performance and from there you can click right through to the appropriate MPI category and see all the currently listed manufactures, with their products.
  • You can search for and save a list of all your specific systems choices and manufacture/products.
  • You also have access to a downloadable MPI Guide specification and the paint-related standards and responsibilities.