Why Standards? The Standards Police

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Standards are used to establish procedures and properties relevant to processes and requirements. Standards in the paint industry exist in the form of compositional or performance types for coatings and as procedural standards for application. In the construction industry, the procedural standards for painting are included with other types, such as electrical, engineering and plumbing and are referred to as "Building Standards".

Building Standards are likened to a form of law and are policed by various Building Inspectors (eg. Plumbing, Electrical, Coatings, etc.). A project without standards is like a town without law or order. Just imagine New York city with no police!

Constant pressure is on the paint manufacturer to produce products that hide very well with one or two coats. For instance, why hi-hide eggshell latex over hi-hide latex sealer if the job calls for three coats? Because the intent is to try to 'save' one coat.

In the painting industry, standards set the tone. This means you bid a three coat job and you will apply three coats. If there are no painting standards (and no third party inspection), your competitor may bid three coats, but the owner may only get two coats.