Tips and Advice
Mind if I Cut In?

There are many books in circulation that try to explain how to paint to a wide range of people. There's a wealth of information on tools, materials and styles but very little is written about 'cutting-in' -- the technique for painting into edges, corners, and surface borders.

Proper cutting-in is essential to properly painted trim, windows, frames, base boards, doorframes, or graphic lines. In fact, cutting-in is one way professionals evaluate a tradesperson -- how neat and precise the cut-in work is carried out, the size and type of brush used, the production rate, etc. It's unlikely that a painter would be considered a good tradesperson if taping or shielding was required to produce a pleasing finished product.

The Secret Technique - When cutting-in, always push the tool away from your body while breathing out. If you pull the tool toward your body, your heart beat alters the movement of the tool direction, as will the upward pull of your rib cage and shoulders while inhaling.

It takes a considerable amount of time to master this particular skill, but perhaps our tip will help some improve and quicken cutting-in.