Tips and Advice
Swirling Patterns

Feeling creative? The following is a simple painting technique that can create wonderful and somewhat psychedelic results.

Smaller items should be used to practice -- such as jewellery and boxes, coffee table tops, or picture frames. Once you have the technique down, move on to larger items like cabinet doors and drawers, standard doors, and mantel pieces. All items must already have been painted -- with the exception of clear glass items (to which the paint is transferred directly). If the item has just recently been painted, be sure the paint is well dried.

Choose a container large enough to dip your item in (with spare space). A makeshift tank can be created with a wood frame and 6 mil drop cloth plastic material. Fill your tank with water. Thin an oil based paint to the point that when sprinkled into the water and moved around (in a circular or linear motion), it will create an 'oil slick' appearance. Dip your object into the water evenly (complete surfaces must touch the water at the same time). When pulling the item out of the water, keep it level. Bingo, you have just created a masterpiece!

Sample ImageThese pictures will give you an idea of what can be achieved. It takes practice to get the paint to the right consistency, to perfect your stirring technique, and to evenly suspend your item in the paint-water mixture, but the results will make all your hard work worthwhile.