What Went Wrong? It's Not Always the Paint

Paint Failure In many instances, it is not the paint which lags in performance. All too often, the problem can be attributed to flaws in design or construction, or due to poor application procedures. This photograph is a good example.

The top edge of the foundation wall is not sloped properly, therefore, water cannot run off freely. Because it is level (and in some cases back sloping), the water can accumulate before running off. The space left between the wall plywood panels and the top edge of the concrete foundation wall is not large enough to prevent back splashing onto the bottom edge of the plywood panels. In addition to this, the edges of the plywood panels did not receive any kind of coating to prevent moisture penetration.

Checking of the bottom part of the panels was in evidence within six months. Within eight months, mildew growth presented an unsightly appearance all around this specific building.