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Rusting House This house was one of 43 units in a complex.

After less than five years, the owners were so unsatisfied that the Association was contacted, and asked to send out a certified coating inspector to examine the problem, determine the cause, and recommend solutions.

Unfortunately, when the units were built, there was no "Quality Assurance Program" called for. The inspector determined that the builder did not use quality galvanized nails, and imperfections in the siding boards were not filled appropriately.

Proper specifications were written calling for filling of the imperfections in the substrate, and for cleaning and spot priming (with an anti-corrosive primer) of all exposed and rusting nail heads. Frequent jobsite inspections are monitoring the repaint, and this photograph records the scope of the 'make-good'. The light 'spots' are the caulking material filling the imperfections, and the dark spots are the anti-corrosive spot primer on all the rusting nails. This photo represents the scope!